Friday, January 4, 2013

Back in Black, Some More

As I'm typically Back in Black after recovering from any crisis of my person, I will just add that it's pretty much my theme song. If I threw the doors open to a room, with a wind-machine blowing my hair into a crazed Medusa-esque tornado of brunette superpower, wearing my fake Prada sunglasses, you'd totally hear the opening "DUH! Duh duh duh" of Back in Black.

Currently, I'm Back in Black because The Man got me a shiny new metallic pink iPod. You know, because my old shiny metallic orange one died a tragic death after coming into contact with toilet water. As they do. Curse you, Apple, for not making a toilet-proof product!

Now, I can work out to my beloved music collection and/or do dishes and drown out the sounds of my children fighting over pickles. I may be tearing up.

Because of some nefarious iTunes issue that I clearly don't understand, The Man and I keep getting the other person's songs on his/her iPod. Thus, I have the dubstep-infused Korn song he downloaded and he got the entire Stone Sour album I bought. I have told him that he'll listen to it and LIKE it, by golly. Of the two of us, he VASTLY appreciates acoustic melody song-like things more than I do. I think we can all agree, though, that when Rooster-Alice-in-Chains-unplugged comes on, you will FIGHT me to sing it.

Aaaanyway. So I have my precious, precious music back and I am walking around like Gollum, caressing my iPod and talking to it and generally ignoring the humans in my house. As I prefer.

If that weren't enough, allegedly my iPod can bluetooth with Tom Cruze! The way it's worked out in Real Life is pretty much that I screwed up my bluetooth-age and now Tom Cruze isn't speaking to my cell phone. Damn your eyes Tom Cruze. But the USB port works, so we have that. And I can change songs through the steering wheel, which always soothes me.

I just had to share my joy with you, Readers in Belgium. If you need me, I'll be plugged in, either working out or thinking about it. Play yourself out. I don't know what my leaving-the-room song would be. Maybe something with dubstep.

Comments, questions, why won't Tom Cruze talk to my electronics?!