Thursday, December 13, 2012

Tamiflu: Fun for Me and for You!

Or not.

Yesterday, trusting my well-honed Mommy anxiety/instinct, I took Casanova to the doctor. What I thought was an annoying cold and/or stomach combo turned out to be dirty, dirty influenza. Against which, I might add, we had been vaccinated back in early October.

But not against the version he got. Dirty Flu 2.0 or whatever.

So we're all, for the third. year. in. a. row. on Tamiflu.

Tamiflu, in my experience, works well for preventing full-blown Flu 2.0 but also for making you feel gross and/or semi-drunk, only not in a fun dancing-in-a-club-to-LMFAO kind of way. Then again, is it the Tamiflu or Flu 2.0? I know not, readers in Belgium.

I just know that I'm wearing my jammy-pants at 10 a.m. and have vacuumed NOTHING. The despair, it overwhelms.

Anyway, since my Christmas-shopping schedule has been righteously destroyed by Flu 2.0, forcing liquids on Casanova and/or Lysol-ing all the visible surfaces in my house, I am now off to eBay or Amazon, whichever offers more free expedited shipping.

Merry Flu-mas and catch you all when I'm not viral-y drunk. Again, NOT dancing to LMFAO 'round here.

Comments, questions, anyone else suffering from dirty viral creatures?