Friday, December 7, 2012

On Listening to Logical and Wise Friends

On the advice of my consigliere, aka my BFFIC, I did *not* post the highly creative and vividly descriptive blog post that I wrote earlier in the week. Basically, she thought that the writing of said piece of Word Art should be cathartic enough.



The jury is still out on the level of catharsis that I am embracing today. Basically there is a whooooole lot of drama in the extended...people...of Casa de Sammo this week. I am so not GOOD at being quiet, Readers in Russia. I am really (really) good at setting the world ablaze with my word usage. I pretty much have a doctorate in refuting ridiculous arguments and wearing someone down under a torrent of verbiage. True story.

But for now, I am holding the dam in place. I won't drown anyone in my logic and sweet word choices. YET.

(Happy now BFFIC???)

Because I love and adore all you readers out there (and am hardcore repping the Hard Rock Housewife Contingent) I will leave you with the wickedly relevant and fantastic lyrics from our good friends in Stone Sour:

"My mouth is a gun I can shoot/I can show you the truth/And I don't need a reason to lie to you...
No pun intended/No punishment/If I offended you, you needed it.."

So Happy Friday, fans in Finland (don't think I didn't see y'all lurking on my stat counter!), I certainly hope that circumstances here will allow me to be less cryptic, less logical and frankly, FAR more awesome. It's hard to stop the Clarence Darrow once it gets going, you know? Why yes, I did just toss in a reference to Inherit the Wind. You're welcome.

Comments, questions, how goeth your holiday season so far?