Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Ignorance is...Better, or, a Soothing List

Ignorance may not be bliss, but for me, it is is certainly better. After the tragedy last week, I knew the only thing I could do was to NOT WATCH the news. I think that news tragedies are the television equivalent of when someone tastes something awful and then says immediately, "This is terrible! Here, you try it!"

No thanks. Just because a lot of people find value or...something...in watching a terrible act picked apart and then time-lined out after dinner does not mean that we all do.

I heard enough Friday to know that I didn't want to hear any more. I value my sanity and my ability to be mentally present for my family. Each night, as The Man sits down to watch his nightly news, I have put in headphones and read my book until it was over.

I am not in denial, far from it. I just know myself enough to know that I have to keep my mental reserves up by shielding myself somewhat. We are a house divided in policy: The Man has always watched news like CNN might call and need him to fill in as anchor. I have always said, "it isn't going to be good, so I'll be over here reading if you need me."

Today I went out and about, and found myself in front of a tv - in a gas pump. Really? Can't we afford to be bored for the 3 minutes it takes to pump gas? I can.

And on THAT note:

Here are some things I would rather do than cry in my Coke Zero:

* Sing Rihanna's song "Only Girl (in the World)" loudly and badly, thus startling my sleeping Obese Housecat.
* Challenge my sister-in-law to a head-to-head Modge Podge craftathon, which I would handily lose given my abysmal crafting skills.
* Break out my special candle that I save for every Christmas season. It smells amazing. On a related note, my mother asks that I stop telling her about my amazing Christmas candle. Way to be a grinch, Grandma!
* Avoid the mall like the 4th level of Dante's inferno that it actually is.
* Play pipe cleaner with either cat. They make it so rewarding by being so excited by a pipe cleaner.
* Wrap presents with duct tape so I can feel handy AND crafty.
* Vacuum.
* Story board ideas for creating a youtube lip-synch video to any of my favorite songs.
* Work up plot ideas for the Novel that I May Never Write.
* Pinterest. YESSSSS. I suck at crafting, but I have fun and FUN is what matters.
* Practice my dance moves.
* Google tattoo ideas for tax time.
* Think about starting a new exercise plan once the germs die.
* Two words: Lysol wipes.
* Write Lysol spray asking that their lemony fresh scent be added to the spray variety. The summer smell? If I had named it, it would be Potpourri that Causes Migraines.
* Text my sister-in-law and remind her to charge her house phone.
* Get the house tidied up so I can play with the kids when they get home, instead of cleaning.

Those are all things that I would rather do than give my anxiety food. Theoretically, I should add meditate to the list, but that's really a synonym for "nap."

Comments, questions, are you plugged in or unplugged?