Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Burned out Starts with a B and Begins with Me!

Today's post is brought to you by the letter "C" for my motherloving commissary trip and to the accompaniment of Stairway. Day-um Vast Horde of Internet Readers, Stairway is a long-ass song. I think Pandora is just being passive-aggressive again. Oh Pink Floyd radio? Allow me to play some more Led Zepplin and then, just when you thought I'd let a single from Delicate Sound of Thunder play I'll cut it short. And now, some Eddie Money. I just thumbs-downed that shit and got some Sabbath for my trouble.

Pink. Floyd. radio.

No Floyd in sight.

My life is a burden.

I'm dragging some ASS around here today, European Friends. I had a really cool dream about The Man and I meeting Eminem and he autographed something that we were going to put in the basement but then? I woke up. I have NO new music memorabilia. Damn you, vivid dream. That means my only basement music memorabilia is a guitar pick and poster signed by Godsmack.

NOT my favorite band.

Nor my second or even third.

So that pretty much sums up mah Wednesday: no new music artifacts, I'm super tired and crying spontaneously (as I DO when I'm super tired) and I still have to haul my exhausted carcass through the commissary. After cutting coupons.

It's time to get this party started. My chipped nails aren't going to paint themselves.

And what the HELL is this Floyd song?! Two Suns in the Sunset. Wow. THAT is not an uplifter.

Tom Petty has come to tell me about being an American Girl. Got it Tom, I have that part of my day covered - based solely on geography alone.

Here's to tomorrow Fellow Internet-ers and/or Pandora sufferers Listeners.

Comments, questions, what station plays through your day?