Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Hey yo it's just another Bomb Track!

We're on Day II of the Back-to-School Adventure here at Casa de Sammo - where we have Avenged Sevenfold *un*edited on tap alllll day long and I plan to actually finish a work-out before I begin catering to my family's incessant needs. (Mostly laundry.)

Yesterday I was busy enough that the day went really fast and before I knew it, I was hanging out at the bus stop mentally rehearsing what I would do if we needed an Amber Alert to find my boy child. Luckily for all of us, both children made it home safe and sound and I didn't have to go all Mommy Warrior on any unsuspecting bus drivers.

Just as my BFF T-Jo said, the bus *IS* magical! They leave, they're gone, they come back. It's wonderful. And some youthful former-ed major can harness a room full of wee elementary energy while I lounge around and brush my Himalayan. No, not really. Unless she's clumpy.

I'm not sure what this says about me, but I really thought I'd be sitting at the window with sad Mommy tears and no purpose. Yeah, um, notsomuch. I think this summer pretty much cured me of any residual need to be Mommy-on-deck-24/7. They also need challenges and other kids and a purpose, and here they get....each other, fights over the computer and me yelling to not walk through the freshly mopped kitchen. School = good for us ALL.

And on to something I'd much rather write about: Irony in Music

 Last night we were watching our Fake News Program and they mentioned that ohhhh, that guy who is Mitt Romney's running mate.... who is he? Ryan? First name, last name? No idea. Aaaanyway, that guy had some "surprising" taste in music and of course it turned out to be hard rock. You know, because that's surprising. No, that *IS* taste. I digress, what is HIGHlarious is that the uber-conservative running mate is a superfan of Rage Against the Machine.

Basically, he IS the machine - so I'm assuming somewhere, Rage is busy reuniting, breaking out the Che Guevera shirts and furiously writing songs in protest. Or maybe songs to clarify their former songs so that hardcore Republican politicians don't think they can wander around aimlessly humming 'take the power back' and stuff. Remember this? Concert in protest of Republican National Convention anyone? No?

I mean, I GET liking awesome rock music. Rage was my favoritist band back when I was a wee shiny 17 year old - I played Bomb Track like it was the anthem to my LIFE. Because I was dramatic. I also listened to the songs and realized that A. I needed to learn some history and B. although I could get fired up over a cause (see also: Tibetan independence) I just wasn't thaaaat angry. Then, as now, I got distracted by Diet Mountain Dew and T-Jo.

Also? The RATM concert experience sort of blew. I had high expectations, Readers in Russia. I just KNEW it would be the bestest concert in the history of awesomeness. Instead, people rushed the stage and one such brilliant human landed on my head. My HEAD. After I ripped his ass and my then-bf sort of maneuvered me away from the guy because I was losing.my.shit (landed on my head!) I TRIED to rock out. I did. But it was a very short set. I was all... wha..? It's over? The house lights are on? I don't even know. Disturbed never let me down in such a way, I'll have you know! And no one landed on my head (or any other part of me).

Back to Ryan-the-Republican and his love for rock: if he didn't have (nothing but love for you Catholics) crazy right-wing social issue views (I love me some women's rights and my gays!), the whole liking actual rock music would be a cool thing. As it is, it's ironic (real irony and not Alanis Morrisette irony) and amusing, so we have that.

And soon, Rage will be using feedback to tell us all about how THEY feel, I'm sure.

Comments, questions, how is your back-to-school and/or your rock?