Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Bored with Navel-Gazing, Now I'm just Down with the Day

Well I got bored trying to figure out my Future Life Plans. (Be surprised.) On an unrelated note: the self-clean feature on your oven, while making your house approximately 5400 degrees WILL get rid of toxic plastic that you may have in there due to leaving a spatula in the oven. It happens. I hate cooking.

Aaaanyway. I've decided that although I spend hours talking to myself and/or singing random snippets of Metallica songs, I quite enjoy my days. Like yesterday? I ended up on a spontaneous double-date for lunch! I know, right?

The Man invited me to lunch with one of his friends, and I talked to K.Jo on my way and SHE showed up and fun was had by all. By fun, I mean we all watched The Man in case he got sick because he was feeling icky and we were at a Mexican joint. Tea! Chips! Indigestion!

Then K.Jo and I went to the mall on a mission for jeans. I found some sandals for a mere $9. Are you not impressed? This Lady of Leisure thing would be a lot sweeter if I had a bomb-ass car instead of the duct-taped Crappy American SUV. I could really get into dining and shopping. I'd have to work in some hair appointments and 'tox injections to really round it out. And of course gym time. I can't be an appropriate Lady of Leisure/Trophy Wife until I'm really in shape. Clearly.

It's actually almost time to start working on mah fitness - be dazzled. Self-cleaning toxic plastic out of ovens, doing laundry, lifting weights and taking names here people. I'm also just a smidgen high on Sudafed. I think I'll get a LOT done today. Some might say, even manically.

Who needs Future Life Plans when you have lunch plans and Sudafed? And a mad free-verse writing ability? Exactly.

I make NO COHERENT sense today. I suggest you have some Hazlenut Coffemate and meet me here manyana.

Comments, questions, are you getting it done today?