Thursday, August 9, 2012

Bonjour! Je suis hereux que vous etes ici!

Welcome Devoted Readers! Either my title just said "Hello! I am happy you are here!" in French (en Français as the case may be)(Are you people impressed with my accent? No?) or I mangled it and managed to sound like a particularly slow French student. I *know* I got my VERB correct because I still hold the record for fastest conjugation of etre - my title is safe. Really, who would want it?

I checked my stats overview today and saw that I had almost 20 page views from France! And they said that learning to speak barely passable conversational French would have no practical application. They were mostly right, but that's neither here nor there. If I were kidnapped and dumped in Paris, I'll have you know that I could (just barely) manage to ask for a bathroom, order food and/or find the library. Useful!

I'm not sure WHY our good friends across the pond (I know the Brits call it "the pond" - do people in France? I have no clue. Let's all agree I'm referring to Europeans on the other side of the ocean.) are reading my blog in droves - perhaps it's the same two people clicking multiple times. Either way, welcome! I cannot remember the word for welcome. Hang on....ah, Google you never let me down: bienvenue! There you go. You're welcome, or alternately, de rien. I think.

I'm definitely not sure what the French word for "anxiety" is, and frankly Readers, that is a Google search for another time. Like a time when I'm not experiencing quite so much of the aforementioned distress. I'm sure it's equally unpleasant, even if you're in France. Although at least there I could get a decent breakfast baguette, am I right?

The kids start school next week, and while that would normally be a time reserved for me shuffling alone in the living room to the musical styling of LMFAO, it isn't turning out that way - at least not yet.  We ended up switching schools - which was *not* the way I'd planned to start out our school year. It's a long and frustrating story, punctuated with me shaking my fist at the sky...but basically it was the best possible decision under the circumstances.

Since I agonize over what shirt to pair with what pants and shoes, imagine how much fun my anxiety has when it gets to chew on something that actually matters! Not that my fashion doesn't matter (because I take coordination very seriously) but not as much as my wee babies' collective educational futures!

I organized all my paperwork and required forms and took it all to register the Children of the Corn for their new school. I would like to point out that the nice (and clearly intelligent) lady who helped me told me that she wished ALL the parents were as organized as I was. That's right, The Man, I have an independent observer who noticed my amazing organizational skills.

Thus the kids will ride a real bus with a real bus driver and I won't find myself slogging through the slush and snow of a lovely Indiana winter to sit and inhale exhaust in dirty car line. That alone = celebratory dancing.

Tonight is back-to-school night, when we will learn who our teachers are and ask our 492 questions before school starts Monday. After that you will find me embracing the silence of a (mostly) empty house, playing jingle-feather (it's a toy) with my ridiculous Himalayan cat and/or working on Brilliant Word Art to the accompaniment of Pandora (who likes to mock me by refusing to play Pink Floyd *ON* my Pink Floyd channel).

Merci beaucoup mes amis.

Comments, questions, how was your return to school and can you tell me in French?