Friday, July 13, 2012

The Search, and the Heat, Continues

While you've all been sipping mojitos on your lanais, I've been staying indoors - the brief respite from triple-digit weather involved the 90s, so it wasn't really the relief you might think. I've also been feverishly working on my ridiculous job search - what, you thought I was going to say My Brilliant Word Art Book that Suddenly Has a Plot? Not bloody likely, Friends in the Ukraine.

Yesterday, I received an email telling me congratulations, I got to take an editing test and provide writing samples. Oh. Not like winning the lottery, but as close as I'm going to get this week.

Yesterday, I also had a megrim, and my head felt rather like an overripe watermelon. Time to create Word Art! I surprised myself though, and managed to pull one out for the home team, proving that although my superior English major bullshit skills may be rusty, they haven't deserted me altogether.

Theoretically, I could have linked to this blog, but I actually might WANT the job, and that would the word 'counterproductive' too much? No? I thought not.

For a useless degree, I have seen a fair amount of jobs that require it - and yet I have been hired for roughly...none of them. Is there some secret society of English majors running around out there, wildly correcting grammar and applying for jobs left and right? If so, why haven't I received an invite and why must you steal my jobs and did you also have to write stream-of-consciousness papers in a 300 level lit class taught by a professor with PTSD?

On today's agenda is going to the pool for a playdate, figuring out why MS Word has decided to commit software suicide and taking preventive measures against the return of my dirty Blinding Headache. Sadly, nowhere on the list is Coming up with a Plot for my Brilliant Word Art Novel. Maybe the next time I vacuum, inspiration will strike.

Until next time, Diligent Fans in Norway.

Comments, questions, written anything good lately?