Thursday, June 14, 2012

Part I: The Big Come Down Part II: Now What?

Sorry Friends, it took me a minute to realize that I'm pretty sure my blog title is actually a song, and then another minute to figure out which song, and yet another minute to figure out a song by which BAND. I'm okay now. I think it's Nine Inch Nails, aka my bff Roob's favorite band.

After months and months of planning, money spent, and anxiety, Sassy is now Mrs. Sassy and happily married. The wedding went off (mostly) without a hitch. My kids did their jobs without crying or running away from the aisle and hiding under some chairs. The Man performed his father-of-the-bride duty admirably, QUITE handsomely and I had enough Kleenex in my hand to keep myself from ruining my painstakingly applied eye make up. Sassy was, as expected, a ravishingly beautiful bride. Everyone got along, everyone ate cake and everyone danced their feet off - especially Casanova whom we literally had to drag from the dance floor at 10:30 pm because he would have kept going. The boy loves to dance, what can I say?

Now, we're all relaxing (or maybe that's just me) without the Big Day looming before us, and it's....nice. I think we all reached that point where it was like "let's get this thing ON already!" and it worked out really well and we all enjoyed it. Mazel tov I say! Oh, what's that, a picture you ask? SURE!

You can see my beautiful step-daughter is the bride, wearing a lovely strapless beaded gown, and I, Your Favorite Writer wearing a ruffled royal blue dress named Sheila. Why Sheila? Why not.

I don't have the more formal pictures yet - Sassy's aunt took this one while we were getting all ready in the bridal holding tank (or whatever they call it). The Man came in and fixed the room's air conditioner, THANK GOD, because that room was sweltering with all the ladies running around and doing hair and having fake eyelashes come off and people losing purses and the other fun jazz that happens when 20 women are crammed in a room.

One of the two photographers is meeting Sassy at my house tomorrow and we're going to go through the pictures he took. Should be fun! I can't wait to see all the great shots of friends and family.

Part Deux:

And now I have nothing but the looming emptiness of my job-less future before me....

Well, sort of.

Basically now I get to figure out what I'm going to do with myself since both kids will be in school this August. Someone suggested substitute teaching until I can find something that I want; can you imagine Substitute Mrs. Sammo? I can't! Well, I can, but I imagine being annoyed by children whom I didn't give birth to, as opposed to being annoyed by children I DID give birth to. Exciting! It's just a downer when you worked your ass off and went to school and did well and earned your degree and then.... well, what the hell do you DO with it?! My degree by itself is like wearing one shoe. Sure, it might be a nice shoe, but it's sort of useless. Then again, do I really WANT to kill myself with grad school or law school? Um, no?

I've applied for approximately 492 jobs and gotten exactly ZERO calls for an interview. I know, the sadness, it pains us all. Some of those jobs even asked for MY degree! I know there are a lot of applicants for each job, and I know I've been out of the work-force but come on, give a sister a chance! And a lot of money, while you're at it. Money is good. Sadly, the general pay for my one-shoe-only-degree isn't exactly what a Business Major would get all excited over. That's because they teach business majors to try and make money. Liberal arts people? We're supposed to set the world on fire with our creative brilliance. Our broke, living in squalor creative brilliance. Feeling the burn yet? No?

Don't worry, I'm not ready to go all Virginia Woolfe rocks-in-mah-pockets or anything, but I'm not exactly expecting to find something amazing either. Also, with my kids being sick for every 2 days out of 10 (swear to God) I'm pretty sure I'll lose whatever I manage to find. Conundrums and quandaries, that's what we have here.

Also, and on an unrelated note: my Russian Federation readers are dropping like flies. Where are you guys? Reading Russian blogs? Honestly. Loyalty, come on, or yob va! Not really, you Russians know that I love you like my own, and by that I mean that if you irk me I'll send you to your rooms without your Nintendo 3DSs.

I'm off to spend time on the job boards and finger cross that I'll figure out my life sooner rather than later. I have a lot of plastic surgery to get financed before I hit my 40s, soooooo.....

Comments, questions, do you like weddings AND/or what's YOUR future plan?