Thursday, May 31, 2012

My Impending Insanity

I can't write much today, dearest readers. This weekend, Sassy, my 22 year old daughter-from-another-mother gets married. I have much to do and little time to do it in. Today's excitement consists of trying to clean my home so it closely resembles a place NOT chock full of legos and e coli. Riccar (the love of my vacuuming life) will be busy!

I don't have much else to add except I'm pretty sure I will lose my mind somewhere between now and Sunday evening. If you find it, please just drop it off with FedEx and I'll pay the charge. Seriously - not just Sassy, but Princess and Casanova too are *IN* this ceremony. Of course The Man will be walking her down the aisle and I'll be attempting to not drown in my own sentimental tears. I have to be in PICTURES, dammit, and I will NOT look like some aging emo pop star.

I also just realized I have to mow. Son of a BITCH, readers. Mowing is everything I loathe - it's hot, it's sweaty, there are bugs.... UGH.

I'd love to write all about this wonderful celebratory occasion, but did I mention The Man's mother is coming for the wedding and staying with us? My house cannot be icky! I must CLEAN as I have never cleaned before; which, honestly, won't be that hard because I usually eschew cleaning in favor of, um, eating flavored Chex Mix.

I'm off, my diligent chickidees; I will see you on the other side! Wish me luck, and send all xanax to my house in nicely decorated gift bags.

Comments, questions, anyone else stressed out?