Sunday, February 26, 2012

Home Improvement, or, Why I Have No Sink

We here at Casa de Sammo usually try to budget for things. By budget, I mean that I horde as much money as I can, like a squirrel burying nuts for winter, and then when and if we get any money back at tax time, we do stuff with it. Like pay medical bills.

This year, whatever money didn't go to medical bills and/or the Princess Bride's wedding, went to our Replace the Fugly Green Counter-tops project. This is why I've had a freelance mason guy at our house 3 out of the last 5 days.

You see, we are getting concrete counter-tops poured. Granite? That's so last year. And full of radon gas. (Seriously, you might want to test your counter-tops.)

Aaaaanyway. Our neighbors found the guy and we hired him too, and our counters are going to be so amazing, people will come from far and wide to pay homage to them. (Make sure you're reading that as "OH-MAHJJJJ.") Or not. But I think when a counter specialist tells you that your counters will be "pimp" you'd better buckle up, because they're probably going to be pretty exciting.

See also: how I know I'm old and boring.

This project necessitates me losing my kitchen sink for awhile though, so I'm already planning to....not cook. Or not eat. Or we're all eating pop tarts. I am NOT washing dishes in the bathroom sink.

I am also NOT looking forward to losing my sink and/or keeping my kids out of freshly poured concrete.

If I'm MIA this week, you can assume I'm busy staring at my counter-tops. Or paying medical bills, or wedding bills.

Comments, questions, are you now concerned about radon gas?