Thursday, September 29, 2011

This Post Brought to You by the Letter 'S'

Because I'm a lucky luck girl, today began the first (or second) day of my first sinus kerfuffle of the season. I called my mom and she announced "I think your kids gave me this cold" to which I replied "Yes, yes they did - it's highly virulent." And it *IS* Friends; I tried avoiding the little plague-carriers but nothing I did, not even shrink-wrapping them (hey, I cut airholes!) was enough to stop the spread of the dread pox. Dude. That could be band-name material. Imagine:

Playing center stage with Magnanimous Bone....DREAD Pox! WOOOOO!

Clearly the cold meds aren't working. Or ARE they...? Yay Sudafed! Not *just* for making meth.

But what's really chapping the old patooter is the fact that I can't focus long enough to determine which Halloween costume I'm going to get. I KNOW.

It's the most wonderful tiiiiiime of the yearrrrrr....

My idea so far is that The Man and I go as cops. I already know he looks sweet in uniform (hello, we met on an Air Force weekend)(curse you, uniform!) and I just found out what type of cellulite-destroying-fake-tan hose the Hooters ladies buy, so it's really a win/win costume idea.

I keep getting distracted by life though, so I haven't convinced The Man of my awesome couples costume idea through my usual brilliant PowerPoint argument style.
I have several important questions: mini-dress or short-short style costume? Where can I get fake cop-like sunglasses? Will my hair look awesome under a cop-hat? Burning questions that the Sudafed can't answer.

Sudafed is most useful for doing laundry and/or steam-mopping. Are meth-heads' houses super clean? It's possible, but unlikely, I think.

Clearly, Sudafed is NOT useful for creating Brilliant Word Art.

So, while I go and pour some Oxyclean laundry booster in the washer, YOU have a great weekend and wish me luck in getting my costume together on time. As you know, Your Favorite Writer takes Halloween costumes VERY seriously.

Comments, questions, what's your costume this year?