Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I Vastly Underestimated My Bronchitis, or, Yay Codeine!

Well, while I certainly had the very BEST of intentions, I've been too busy counting swirls in my ceiling and hearing weird whisper voices in my ear at night (thanks to the miracle of codeine cough syrup)(not to be confused with pancake syrup)(that would just be a bad-tasting nightmare) to actually recuperate and get back to mah precious Word Art.

Since I'm trying to Live in the Moment as well as Let Things Go, you're not going to get a whole lot of repressed Catholic guilt from me though, Friends. Fair warning.

Basically, Cholera Season came early here at Casa de Sammo, so I've been getting Casanova through yet another bout of pneumonia (seriously, WTF) and handling my own double-whammy of bronchitis with a dash of death-cramps. Basically that = round the clock codeine one way or the other.

Since I only enjoy PRETENDING to have a habit though, I've basically tried to get through as many days withOUT medicine as I can, which means I'm a bit, um, of a raving psycho bitch.

True story.

Apparently, because my life enjoys irony like writers enjoy drinking (I hear), the medicine meant to help me breathe actually makes me cough MORE. Really?! That sucks.

This all = jack shit you (or I) care about.

This is essentially a post to tell you why I didn't post. So I guess that Catholic guilt is there, and less repressed than I previously thought. I could genuflect if it would make you happy. I did that one day, surprised the hell out of myself. Perhaps literally.

It's hard to be full of creative joie de vivre when you're coughing like you might just have COPD. Although maybe then I could get a scooter.

More to come Friends, hopefully from a codeine-free week!

Comments, questions, how do you do?