Thursday, August 25, 2011

Back From a Brief Sojourn to the Land of Despair

And I bought you all these lovely sea-shell necklaces! Except they're ugly and made out of dried tears and woe. Woe is REALLY hard to work with too, so feel lucky.

If I had waited only four more short days, why it would have been a full MONTH without my shining brilliance. Or even my UN-shiny brilliance!

The sadness, it wounds us all.

As always though, mes amis, I'm back IN BLACK, so put your pill bottles back in the cabinet and save them for a time you'll REALLY need 'em. Like tax time. Or when you have to pay your mortgage. Whatever.

Basically, because we're REALLY health oriented here at Casa de Sammo and we eat our veggies and run in our finger-toe shoes and sip organic water distilled from glaciers, I've been dealing with The Sickness again.

Casanova has pneumonia (again)(I'm not kidding), Princess has had a lot more alopecia activity and Mommy has had....well, a slip off the sunny trail of happiness and into the Woods of Fear. Hey, midway through my life's journey and all that.

Oh, and my ASSma has gotten all rowdy to join in on the fun. The upside? Cherry Codeine Tussin. It works nicely, once I stop coughing long enough to fall asleep.
It doesn't exactly STOP the coughing, but let's stop picking nits shall we?


So that's the deal, in a nutshell. I'll leave off all the tears, wallowing, journal entries, fabulous therapy, exercise and/or issues I have with Cesar Milan.

Back to our regularly scheduled Word Art, my Friends!

Until tomorrow! And how I've missed it. Or missed MISSING it, as it were.

Comments, questions, stuck in the Woods of Fear or Pit of Hopelessness or any other metaphorical sad place?