Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Lost in the Written Word...

I would have posted sooner, Diligent Readers, about all the things that cross my mind (glue-on French nails, proper long-island recipes and removing all tequila involvement, how Amazon is currently irritating me) but I've been engrossed in the book I waited several long years to read. Voici!

In my head I can hear my BFFIC saying how I'd only waited a few years while she'd waited close to a *DECADE*....well we all have our cross to bear, and yet I have still forgotten more than she has. Like what the hell major characters were doing and why things were going on and who did what or died or killed someone else. Sort of important, it turns out.

Be that as it may, the only thing stopping me from reading the entire book in one sitting is my pesky need for food and bathroom facilities, oh, and of course the children and THEIR pesky needs. Right now? Casanova is literally hanging from one arm of the office chair and swaying his head all dramatically as he cries about needing the computer.

Blame Amazon, boy child. BLAME THEM!

Were it not for Amazon and their lying "Deliver-by" dates, I'd be tappity-typing this from the High Wingback of Power and then tossing my fan-say new netbook to the floor (well perhaps not tossing, given the sad demise of my prior laptop) and finishing off my chapter in ADWD.

Alas, I'm upstairs in the Seventh Level of Dante's Inferno that is my boiling-hot computer nook, annoyed each time I check the tracking number. My package is in Indy, well hot DAMN, so am I! But it's not here and for some stupid reason, FedEx has to deliver it to the post office, who then delivers it to me. Um. Why can't FedEx deliver it to me?! WHAT. ever.

(Oh, and I just googled the seventh level of Dante's Inferno, and it houses the violent. PERFECT. It would have been more annoying if it were the slothful or the fraudulent. *THAT* would have been offensive.)

So I'm netbook-less and I'm sweaty and annoyed. But I have MY BOOK to keep me happy. In fact, I really can't spend much more time on here because I'm typing but I'm also thinking about my characters and what's going on and what I suspect is going on and it's really all I can do to make eye contact these days and pay attention to anyone for more than five minutes.

Stay tuned. I should finish my book soon. And you can keep busy by reading the entire series while you wait. Would a former English major ever steer you wrong?! Maybe about math, or properly figuring percentages, but we wouldn't MEAN to. Never about books, dear Readers. (Unless it were some rogue English major who slipped through the cracks and thought that the Twilight series should be permitted in our society, but we do our best with blue-book tests and unpleasant thesis papers to weed those out early on.)

Comments, questions, what's on your bookshelf?