Monday, June 27, 2011


I intended to getting back to mah usual daily post full of awesome, but before that could happen Friends, *tragedy* struck.

I had just finished up looking at adorable Himalayan kitty friends on Craigslist (even though my Obese Housecat would totally stab me in my sleep so I couldn't actually adopt one of the furry suckers) when I went to put my laptop where I ALWAYS put my laptop = the decorative half-wall ledge between my kitchen table and my family room.

Instead of what normally happens, which is uh, NOTHING, my laptop leaped (that's my story) to its death on the cold, unfeeling wood laminate below. I wasn't worried until I tried to turn it back on. The screen is almost completely black. I have no mouse arrow. No. Mouse. Arrow.


My hot-pink-covered-in-butterflies laptop is dead, Friends, God rest its soul. And now I'm hammering out this post on my dirty desktop, accompanied by Casanova singing one of his *many* original songs about Transformers. He only takes breaks when he wants to ask "Can I get on the computer NOW?!" even though it's only been about 3 minutes since I signed on.


And a new laptop search begins. I'm off to make dinner. Downstairs, in the laptop-free zone.

Double sigh. It's a case of the Mondays for SURE.

Comments, questions, wanna send me your sweet laptop?