Wednesday, May 18, 2011

8 years and counting!

I had a whole other post going on, but then I realized, hell, it's my anniversary - I should table that sucker and post about *this special day* instead. So, here you go!

Back in college (this is relevant, I swear.)(Sort of.) I sat through an entire lecture about sentiment vs. sentimentality, given by a highly impassioned professor. There is a difference, friends. Sentiment is well conveyed emotion that doesn't stray into the over-the-top Hallmark Greeting Card world of, you guessed it, sentimentality! Sentimentality is self-indulgent, typically cliche, and the total OPPOSITE of what any decent writer wants to accomplish.

(Side note: Hallmark now makes a "troubled relationship" line of cards. Sample: "Let's get back on track, I'm willing if you are. We both said things we didn't mean..." Oh, and they had apology cards in that line too. You're welcome.)

I will do my best not to stray into the "you're the light in my darkness" world of sentimentality, lest my old professor sense one his students committed that horror, and hunt me down... to make me work through my sentences with an angry red pen. Aghhhhhh! Not self-editing! Oh bane of my existence!

So today, The Man and I celebrate 8 years together. It's a long time, really, but not long enough that I can ask for my anniversary band. (Hint: I want it to match my set and include rubies.)(Why no, I'm *not* high maintenance, thanksforasking.)

8 years has included:

2 of my jobs
2 kids from birth on up
1 teenager morphing into an adult
4 cats (Bucky is frolicking in heaven with my dog)(or avoiding him)
1 dog (the recently departed Apollo) :(
4 of The Man's jobs
10 Air Force trips
1 awesome Disney World vacation
2 houses
500 home improvement projects
5 million arguments
725 times I've reminded him that "I'm the Verbal Assassin"
821 times he's reminded me that I can't do math very well
0 times I've beaten him at a real sport
2 times I've beaten him at Air Hockey (don't mess with me, I had a table growing up!)
1 time I got him to indoor rock climb with me, and climbed higher
55 times he's told me I wouldn't jump off the cliff HE jumped off in New Mexico
1 bike of his I wrecked
0 bikes I successfully rode in real life
1 class I passed where I technically learned to ride a bike
.000004 of patience he had for me helping him with the English part of an AF test
89 times I tried to explain passive voice and/or appropriate semi-colon usage
45 times he told me not to mess with coloring my hair
0 times I listened to him telling me not to mess with my hair color
12 hours we've spent total playing Assassin's Creed
890 times I've told him he's going the WRONG way while playing Assassin's Creed
200 times he's tried to help with laundry
200 times I've told him to either put it away TOO, or stop helping.
3 times we've been camping
0 times I've enjoyed camping
300 times he's tried to tell me I should enjoy camping
5 times he's fallen down our stairs
3 times I've fallen down our stairs
0 times *we*'ve slept in since the kids were born
1 million times he's slept in ...since I'm a morning person and all
2 million times he's told me that he's NOT a morning person. In case I forgot.
3 million times I've told him that I'm not a night person. I don't think after 6 pm.
30 times I've challenged him to spell things in an argument
25 times he's challenged me to do higher math
400 times I've asked for a new tattoo
399 times he's threatened to call my mom if I ask for a new tattoo
399 times I've laughed that he's calling my mom to tell on me
2 times I've offered to tattoo his initials. I can always cover it up.
2 times he's said, emphatically, NO.
2 times I've informed him he's not a romantic.
5 surgeries I've nursed him through.
5 times I've thought about 'adjusting' the doses.
5 times he's promised to NOT play dangerous sports anymore.
5 times he's lied about not playing dangerous sorts anymore.
2 surgeries planned for this year.
2 surgeries I'm planning to run away to Vegas during.
0 times we've been to Vegas.

I'd rather be in Vegas right now, but since my ASS-ma is acting up (it's the Curse of the Cold Damp May all over again!) I don't want to haul my nebulizer over state lines and have to sit around a cool hotel room huffing albuterol, while The Man plans his attack on the blackjack tables.

Better luck next year. As you know, year 10 is the Year of the Fancy Ring. (Take notes, The Man, take notes.)

So I think I've avoided sentimentality, yes? Yes. I've listed stuff that most married people can relate to, with of course our own personal twists thrown in. We're still here, we're still happy, we still spend time together, and we've both enjoyed the musical stylings of Disturbed together. That's love baby.

Comments, questions, when is your special day?


eedwards said...

Congratulations! We'll be hitting our 12th year in June. For our 10th, the present I received was ecoli poisoning. Not really, but it made our trip to Jamaica for the occasion end on a very sour note. Literally. I should make a list of all that we've done in 12 years . . . I'm sure it will be similarly entertaining! Thanks for sharing!

Sammo said...

I will see your Jamaican poisoning and raise you one wedding poisoning! So basically, 8 years ago May 18, I was strapped into a lovely gown, hurriedly dashing to the ladies - for the entire reception. See, we have so much in common! Yay e-coli! Or not. Definitely list all the fun stuff - and happy early anniversary! :D