Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Monday Hurt Me

Normally my Mondays make me happy, as only a day full of optimistic and unbridled potential can. Yesterday's Monday, on the other hand, hurt me - it hurt me BADLY, friends. It hurt me when I was *trying* to do a good deed, but apparently (as the saying goeth)(and what is UP with spell-check not recognizing some nice old-school wordage?) my good deed simply must be punished.

Normally, I consider myself about as coordinated as Bambi on ice, so this shouldn't come as a huge shock, but I'm pretty sure it was more of my bad karma working itself out, or just Monday trying to ruin my high opinion of it. Either one, or both, really.

I was sitting in the High Wingback of Power, talking to my BFFIC when I saw a little pug-ish-doggy run through my yard and into the cul-de-sac. Behind us is the pond and the woods, and I didn't recognize the dog, although he had a collar, so I went to go see if he had any tags. The main drag in our 'hood should just be called the drag strip because cars pretty much torque by like they're qualifying. I didn't want to see a squished pug-ish doggy!

As I walked into the foyer, friends, I slipped on the edge of a sheet I'd thrown down to go into the wash. The sheet was on our flat and super slick new laminate. I went. down. HARD. I rolled around the on the floor for a bit, assuring Casanova and my BFFIC that I was A-OK, when in fact I was pretty sure I'd basically blasted my own precious knee-cap into crunchy knee-pieces.

Never let it be said that Your Favorite Writer isn't a trooper, because I got up (slowly and in agony) and hobbled outside to catch the wee pug-like dog. I whistled and he came running. He was so happy to see a helpful human, that he simultaneously tried to lick me, and peed a bit. Did I mention I was barefoot?

Luckily, my neighbor came over and had walked this particular pug-like creature home before, and offered to take him home again. Since she had a leash readily available, and I was busy swelling, I took her up on it. Win!

Last night whilst The Man and I were busy watching our DVRd episode of Celebrity Apprentice (shhhhh, I'm learning! See also: billionaire!) I got up to grab some snackish foods and The Man saw me limping around the living room.

"What are you doing?"
"I'm walking.."
"Why are you walking like that?"
"Oh, remember I told you I fell today on my knee? It's getting stiff..."
"Did you wrap it?"
"Put any ice on it?"
"You should wrap it."

And then we had to finish our episode so we could gleefully watch as Crazy Gary Busey was *finally* eliminated. Whew.

I wrapped my knee with athletic tape as if I were strapping part of my body back on and while it's feeling a bit better today, I'm waiting to see a rainbow of bruise colors form.

Damn you Monday, we've always been FRIENDS. Better luck next week, or I'm taking my Happy Day to Tuesday.

Comments, questions, been punished for any good deeds lately?