Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Little Proud, and a Little Dismayed

The other day, we were in the car and Princess asked me about that "American Idol judge" - you know, the one "on the Kids' Choice Awards?" Um. Randy Jackson?

"He's a singer!"



"Do you mean Steven Tyler???"

"YEAH! I like him. He's funny."

"Well. Yes. But he *also* is in a hugely famous band. Aerosmith?"


"AERO-SMITH. A band. Remember that song that I turn up when it comes on the radio? Sweet emotion? And then I sing it?"

"No. Maybe."

"Okay, well I'll point it out next time one of his songs is on."

Then we got to hear "Janie's Got a Gun" (see also: the video I just HAD to watch all the way through even though I *totally* knew the ending....and I was pretty sure, even as a wee lass, what was going on there. Thus? I supported Janie AND her gun.) on the way to church today (of course) so I said:

"THIS is Aerosmith. Steven Tyler."

"Oh! I like him."

Yes, yes we all do. And now I feel....old. I grew up (ahhhhh, cradle your violins loosely as you play) with MTV playing Aerosmith videos. I remember Steven Tyler doing back flips on stage. I also remember wondering, why cast your teenage daughter as a stripper in your video, but c'est la vie, right?

And here we are. Thank God he's still wearing random scarves and glitter because really, if he had switched to....whatever it is that TODAY'S alleged stars are wearing, I would totally have to break up with him.

So I'm very happy that Princess agrees that Janie's Got a Gun is as chock full of awesome as I know to be true, but I'm slightly sad that she only knows this due to Nickelodeon and Am Idol commercials. Sigh.

Someday, when she's old enough, I'll regale her with Mommy's Ye Olde Ticket Stub Collection (begun in 1995!) - or maybe I'll have actually finished Mommy's Ticket Stub Canvas of Artistic Glory (although really? Unlikely.).

Proud. Dismayed. There's always room for both. How about a back flip for old time's sake?

Comments, questions, what makes you proud?


eedwards said...

We actually were cleaning out the hall / linen closet yesterday and turned "Rag Doll" into a rousing rendition of "Rag Towel," like so: "Rag Towel / livin' in the closet / looks bad / wonder when I bought it? / rag towel / you're gonna be-a leavin' out the back door-or-or . . ." It is deeply depressing when 20-somethings are trying to play games to win tickets on the radio and can't play name that tune with anything earlier than 1990. Very sad. I for one -- even as a freshman in high school -- knew right away that Vanilla Ice had stolen the riff from "Under Pressure" because I actually owned the album before it was cool. And no, the added drum hit didn't change the riff, Van. Keep up the good work keeping Princess informed. We think we've either educated or scarred Fox by naming his two wubbies "Liono Ritchie" and "Beary Gibb," as they are a lion and a bear, respectively. And we have shown him videos of both, and he actually likes them. :) Score one for the classics!

Sammo said...

I *like* the rag towel version, nicely done! I feel it's my duty to educate my kids on music, lest the Biebers of the world ruin their budding musical tastes. I am pleased to report that Casanova loves some Apocalyptica (oooh, cellos!) and Princess is a pretty die-hard Disturbed fan. If only I could find them some band shirts in the 4T and 6T sizes....