Monday, March 7, 2011

Monday, Bloody Monday

Now normally I enjoy a Monday as it harbors potential for the week to start off smashingly but since *this* Monday I'm walking around listing to port thanks to the ENORMOUS amount of sinus pressure I'm carting in mah head, it's not quite the Monday of my dreams.

I did, at least, get a nice yummy yum salad with my Mom AND some girl scout cookies. So. I can't exactly get all diabolical and blame the ENTIRE day.

The kids have been coughing and hacking and snorking and sneezing enough to drive me to purchase stock in Kleenex AND refill my prescription for inhaled albuterol.

I hate illness.

I get all bummed and all Scarlett O'Hara and wring my hands and grab chunks of my garden and swear "NEVER again, as God as my witness" until my neighbors peek out their windows and I go inside to eat a thin mint.

And I'd gotten all AMBITIOUS on a homie too. I even wrote today's tasks on the dry erase board, which I then planned to cross off. Like "clean center island" - which really? Just laughable at this point. I'm staring at the center island. It has an overdue library book, an electric drill, a hat and some free towels The Man got in his recent insanity 10K, a coffee mug, some saline solution for mah contacts, the check book, a hammer, and several brochures about deck stain. Just thinking about it drains me.

"Upstairs vacuum" also made the list...but the problem with THAT little gem is that I have to clean both kids' rooms, plus mine AND the playroom before I can vacuum. If I don't remove all 789 things on the floor, it's pointless and I suck up about 45 tiny leggos which shoot all over like shrapnel. Not to mention that I should clearly have written "vacuum upstairs" so it made sense as an action instead of appearing as an adjective. Like "upstairs vacuum" is a vacuum I have living upstairs...which I don't. I'd like to, because then I wouldn't have to lug Riccar painfully up the 400 stairs each time I need to get pretzel crumblins off my carpet.

I see it says "sheets" too, which is probably the only thing I'll realistically finish, since I have a vacuum-obsessively-like issue with changing my sheets. "Take garbage out" has potential, because otherwise I certainly won't have room for this week's crap.

Too bad I didn't put "type brilliant word art for novel" because it'd be wayyyy more fun than "call urologist" - and I don't really LIKE those people, they aren't fun to call and certainly don't enjoy my witty banter. Urology admin = boring clerical zombies - if you were curious.

I'm rather disappointed since *normally* when I take mah Sudafed (the real behind-the-counter kind and EVERYthing) I get a lot more done. Today, I think that the sheer magnitude of the kids' typhoid has overwhelmed even the strongest of meth-components!

So, I'll sulk off to change my sheets so at least I can cross THAT off. Maybe tomorrow I'll be more productive, or maybe I'll just take MORE Sudafed. I hear it works wonders in large amounts....

Comments, questions, how's Monday looking for YOU?