Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Quickly, A Post for You

It sucks that I've pretty much fallen off my game and I'm doing about one post a week, but I have a nice long (probably depressing so be warned) post coming - I just have to find some pictures I want to post along with it.

Right now I'm procrastinating writing checks because much like my post-I-haven't-posted-yet, THAT is depressing. And for some reason, people frown on too much drinking at 9 something in the morning. Even when it's because you're paying bills.

So, I'm sober, out of coffee (the HORROR) and having to pay bills. See, your day is *already* far better than mine! Win for you!

Enjoy your Tuesday while I avoid rum and pay people who really shouldn't be hassling me anyway.

Comments, questions, how goes it?