Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Post about Posting

As you might have noticed from my last few posts, things here at Casa de Sammo aren't at their finest. I've been busy, and I haven't been writing. I'm usually, okay NEVER, at a loss for words. The few times in my life when I've been stunned into silence were A. Not good moments and B. So shocking that I nearly died from double shock overload. (You know, because I was already shocked and then shocked that I had nothing to say about it.)

But right now? I feel like there's a big block of wood where my head used to be. Alarmingly, I'm starting to *understand* Sylvia Plath's usage of the bell jar imagery. (Since it involved electro-shock therapy, um, that's notsogood.)

I am basically forcing myself to write. I'm pretty sure that the result won't be brilliant, but when a writer can't (or won't) write, well, it's not good for ANYone.
So you get what you get, and you don't throw a fit.

I've been so whackadoodle that I do stuff that I'd normally find HIGHlarious, like substitute the word "nap" for "laugh" (example: "She said I should call so-and-so for a good nap.") or giving my husband a full sippy cup. He looked understandably perplexed. Then we both just stood there, confused with me.

I've also disconnected from Facebook. I know, it's really dire for that to happen right? Well, basically, I decided (very rationally I think) that if I had to blunder through this time of tribulation reading status updates about someone's awesome spring break plans or their new car or how they took Puffy the Poodle to the groomer, well, I'd probably end up hunting them down and stabbing their laptop to death with a dull pencil. While I hummed a melody off-key (obviously) from Les Miserables. We don't need that.

I mean, it's sort of the PROBLEM with Facebook. How much *do* I care about that girl I knew in 3rd grade's opinion of the situation in the middle east? And I'm being generic. But the cause-y people are getting a little tiresome, am I right? You don't see me Facebooking tirelessly about the Tibetan oppression, now do you? And I LOVE me some Dalai Lama. Just saying. So. Yeah. I'm off Facebook for now.

I'd also love to say that I'm focusing on ME or my future or the children (of course the children!) but honestly, I'm basically trying to get through each day without committing a felony. I think that's really what life *is*. You don't really have to FEEL like the hero, you just have to SELL it like you are. You can totally have the rights to tattoo that if you want. But "verbal assassin" is trademarked, yo.

Anyway, there are fajitas that aren't going to wait around for my sister in law to fly out here and make them (she does it up), so looks like I'm on deck. And I'll be watching out for that bell jar...but...I'm writing.

Comments, questions, whatevah?


Michael said...

110% with you. Facebook can be so draining. "I can't wait for spring!" Really? You thought that was news?


As the great Emo Phillips once put it, some days its not worth chewing through the straps.

Rest assured, whatever you've got, jumbled or not, we'll read it.