Friday, February 4, 2011

My Hiatus

If I were a fancy literature professor, who taught you alllll about the joys of confessional poetry (while you dithered around with apps in your iPhone), today is the lecture in which I'd tell you about my planned sabbatical.

Doesn't it sound like fun? I've always thought so. "I'm going on sabbatical!" and then I'd jet off to jolly old England and read some first edition Elizabethan work in a stuffy old library with my literati friends. Then, I'd retire to my hotel room after a smashing dinner of fish and chips (I'm not fancy in my fantasies and I LOVE fish and chips) and write some sort of dazzling paper for publication.

Alas, I'm a mere stay-at-home mom (who has been staying home a LOT what with the ice skating rink that was dropped on my entire home state this past week) and sabbatical isn't something that WE do.

So basically, I'm taking a minor break from my Brilliant Word Art. Rest assured that I'm here, doing okay and still ducking and swinging. I just don't know what sort of writing I can do at this point that isn't going to sound, um, crazy? So I'd rather not.

I'm dealing with some shit right now, homies. Some Real Life Shit. I don't like it much, for all the good that does. But it's time, as they say, to go to the mattresses. If you don't know what that phrase means; A. You REALLY need to go and read some Mario Puzo novels. and B. You're officially lame.

But that's what I'm doing. I'm going to the mattresses. When I come back, I'm sure I'll be stronger and even MORE awesome, even though it's hard to imagine how that could happen. Awesome is usually on tap here all day LONG.

So. Hang in there. Read some Mario Puzo for the LOVE, and check back regularly. I can't live long without writing. But I just don't want to write stuff that could later be considered evidence. Capice? I know you do.

Comments, questions, do you hiatus?


Michael said...

We'll be here when you get back.

Sammo said...