Thursday, January 6, 2011

Tick Tock....

Our days here as jello eaters are numbered my friends, numbered I tell you! I'm so excited about the new layout. Despite a lot of attempts and re-dos, I think we're finally getting there.

Basically I'm going with a whole new theme. It should be very special when it all comes together. I don't want to ruin the surprise because my new layout will include all my reasoning and such. Whee! So add that to your List of Things to Look Forward To because sometimes, that list is all that gets me through the week.

This week? My list includes Finally Getting to Watch New TV Shows. Sure, it's sad, but it's *MY* list dammit. I cannot tell you how irate I've been at forcibly watching ESPN (and by "watch ESPN" I actually mean "sit on Amazon and lust after that Ed Hardy messenger bag")(until The Man said I could have gotten that bag for free with the perfume)(which I'm out of)(damn your eyes Ed Hardy!) instead of my Regularly Scheduled Television Programs.

Another thing on my list? Mailing off my bedazzled sparkly huge boyfriend watch. I miss my watch like the deserts miss the damnable rain, okay? I have no idea what time it is, ever. I have to find my cell phone and then I can't find it and then I see the clock on the microwave and then I forget my cell is lost and then I have to leave to pick up Princess and run around looking all over the house before realizing my phone is in my butt pocket, and then I'm LATE. All because my watch stopped running. It could just be the battery, but then again, I'm also missing one of my diamond-style gems on the bezel and THAT friends (despite having about 5,000 other ones) is NOT okay. So. I'm mailing it off to make it all happy and working and shiny again.

I'm also putting Get Obese Housecat Shaved on my list of Things to Look Forward to. I feel really bad because I've kept putting it off; mainly because wrestling an obese housecat into a slightly smaller cat carrier is NOT on my list. Also because I kept thinking (high-lariously I know) that I could possibly do it myself. I know. If you have a cat, you know that this is TOTALLY ridiculous. And yet. I keep telling myself that I watched the vet do it last year and really, all they did was hold him and buzz his fur. It didn't LOOK hard. And I've never had a cat clump like this! I've had long hair, short hair, skinny and obese, but I've never had a cat look like he's covered in dreads. Until now. Only he's not happy Rasta cat, so that sort of takes the fun out.

Overall, it should be a month of things to look forward to, given we've gotten Get All Sorts of Various Illnesses in a Month out of the way already. Yesterday the doctor's office tracked me down on my cell to tell me that, oops, the radiologist had called them and confirmed that Casanova DID in fact have pneumonia! Because really, what's a week around here without a serious lung condition?! So off to Ye Olde Pharmacy we went.

And really? Pharmacists rock. Pharmacy techs? Not so much. I asked the lady if he needed two doses that day and then one a day from then on. She responded that it looked like he'd need four meals today and then two meals after that. I can only assume that she was actually reading some pamphlet from her night job at Taco Bell. I didn't even bother questioning her. I just paid and read the bottle myself when I got home. (I'll go ahead and confirm that there was nothing about meals involved, let alone rationing my son to only two meals a day at some point.)

So no matter what, I'm looking forward to lots of stuff coming up, and my current cup of coffee in the microwave is just a small one of those things.

Comments, questions, what are you looking forward to?