Tuesday, January 11, 2011

This Week.....Ye Gods, This Week

And it's only TUESDAY!

It's so hard to come up with Priceless Word Art when I'm busy mopping up bloody cat urine. And not bloody in the highly-endearing way I *normally* use it, but actual blood-in-the-pee urine. That's been today for you, if anyone is curious.

Our precious Obese Housecat was not doing well the other day. He was so unwell on Sunday night, that I prayed fervently that God would spare our precious friend because my daughter would likely suffer a pyschotic break if anything happened to him.

In fact, he'll pretty much have to be all Cat Immortal from now on. He really doesn't have a choice.

Then, because my mind was permanently scarred when the Sammy-Hagar-not-David-Lee-Van-Halen video for "Right Now" played on a pretty much continuous loop, I kept seeing that segment of the video that shows a dog and has text saying:

"Right now, God is killing dogs and moms....because he has to."



I informed my BFFIC of this and she wasn't aware. She checked it out on YouTube and was all "WTF?" and I said "See? Told you. Verbatim. Because it scarred me. FOR LIFE."

So I kept thinking about how it must apply to Obese Housecats too.

But luckily, just because God HAS to, doesn't mean he WANTS to, and our adorable tiger cat has lived to eat another bowl of dry food. Sure, now it's PRESCRIPTION dry food, but still.

And the problem was an ANGRY BLADDER. Welcome, Mr. Kitty, welcome to the club. Now YOU don't get Coke Zero either. And you might have to share your dry food.

I'll be mopping up pee if anyone needs me.

And weeping with joy for the recovery of our very best friend. Now my 6 year old will literally sleep well tonight.

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