Tuesday, December 7, 2010

New Post Later Taters

I'd been working on a sweet post involving self-leveling floor muck (I know! EXCITING!) but then I got distracted by life and my upcoming appointment with a urologist who is NOT a woman (which means he's a man)(and I'm WAY anti-dude doctor)(especially if it involves lady things) and then I had to eat a lot of cookies because my mother made them and they taste like my childhood. Which is almond-flavored AND delicious.

Plus I also thought about revamping the site. Again. I know I did it last year and I hate sites that change all the time because if I like one thing (other than flavored rum) it's consistency. Your Favorite Writer abhors change. It makes me all anxiety-like in the brain.

But I've been kicking around ideas AGAIN and I really think I could add some flair. Or some t-shirts. A friend of mine who actually MAJORED in ART (true story) wants to do something with t-shirts and who am I to deny her my assistance?! Exactly.

And if I don't do that, my OTHER friend does web design, so I might be paging HER for her ideas...

I'm not talking total overhaul here.

Well maybe I am.

It's hard to say.

I'm distracted again by my octogenarian bladder. Seriously. Does my bladder know we're only 32? Because I'm pretty sure that I don't have a prostate but I have to pee ALL THE EVER LOVING TIME, and I am NOT taking that dirty medicine for those weird people made out of copper pipes.

I'm sure that made sense to at least one other person besides me.

So. Stay tuned for a FAR more cohesive post than this one. Especially if you like self-leveling floor compound. Who doesn't?

Comments, questions, what distracts you?