Wednesday, December 15, 2010

And I'm All Looking for Mah Do-Rag...

Well I'm taking my self-imposed "distraction-free" break from Facebook this week; it basically allows me more time to sit in my wing-back and contemplate world domination what the eff I'm buying The Man (or anyone else) for Christmas.

It is nice though to give my brain a rest from thinking in terms of fun status updates. Seriously. I had no idea how much effort I put into status updates, or witty comments on others' updates, or picture comments, or responding to comments....

Currently my cyber-hero biff is working on my new layout, or will be once I send her my ninja picture. We've been exchanging emails with very specific logistical ninja information: "try to cover your lower face with something" "I can't find my do-rag!" "Try to focus on your eyes in the picture and I can edit it with my software" "Cool! I don't want to look all like I'm wearing some weird face burqua - make sure it looks NINJA!"

It's for the layout. It will all make sense once she unleashes her creative vengeance upon it.

Meanwhile, Your Favorite Writer is angstfully (<--that is totally a word, you spell-checking whore!) sitting in the Wing-Back of World Domination and fretfully (<---oh but fretfully counts?!) Amazon searching for Christmas gifts.

Isn't my Word Art enough of a the world? I know. I thought so too. But people like The Man aren't going to be all impressed when I'm "Ta da! Read my blog! It's a gift to YOU and the WORLD!" on Christmas morning. He may or may not be impressed with a thoughtful gift...if I can find one.

My best idea today? The theracane! It's basically a plastic knobby cane for people to rub their own backs! I could use it too, thus partially eliminating my whining for a back rub, so really = win/win.

And yet...

Well, I'd better get back to Amazon. These thoughtful gifts aren't going to buy themselves God knows. And I'm still looking for my do-rag.

Comments, questions, are you short of ideas this holiday?