Monday, November 1, 2010

Tomorrow Will be Better

Your regularly scheduled HIGHLY FABULOUS word art is being postponed, thanks to Your Favorite Writer's anxiety. I know. It's lose/lose for me too. Basically, I looked around today and thought, well, the floor isn't going to clean itself, and I'm talking MOPPING people. And frankly, I'm on some sort of weird cleaning kick ANYway because LIFE is hard and sad and if I don't clean I'll just sit around and THINK about this and we really, really don't need me thinking.

At least not until my head space is ready to return to the usual: random Pink Floyd lyrics, giggling at things like "Convoluted Pillow" (sold at WalMart) and an intense urge for hot queso dip.

Don't fret Monkeys, Mommy will return with Halloween goodness, pictures included. I would have done that this morning but much like the mopping, my triceps aren't going to tone themselves, and it was Workout Day. Sigh.

So I'm off to soothe myself with some vacuuming before I can get all "why botherrrr" which is sort of my brain's default message when I'm all angsty.

Comments, questions, why bother?