Thursday, November 18, 2010

Still Laughing Like Hell

Red flashing neon sign that you've frightened others with your Hysterical Antics? When the doctor asks YOU how you're doing before asking about your kid, and it's the kid's appointment. Yeahhhhh....

And it's funny, because I pride myself on being all SuckItUpButtercup but the last time she saw me I had burst into ill-contained tears because I'd already had a migraine (AND a pelvic exam)(true story)(not related to the migraine) and was barely even into the afternoon and the semi-bad news she was giving me was the. last. everloving. straw. Well, the last straw of THAT particular day. So she and the nurse attempted to soothe me and at least handed me Kleenex and all that jazz.

Today, I was all Back in Black and shit, so it's okay. But I can TOTALLY understand why she might be a little "and how are you doing today?" while secretly palming a syringe of Valium.

But the only thing I detest more than country music, Katy Perry, AND the evils of cleaning the fridge is what I call Permanent Victim Sydrome. So, yeah, I have crappy days, crappy weeks and lately, crappy MONTHS. But I'm nobody's victim. Not even LIFE'S.

My new Theme Song? Hmmmm? It would be (love love love) Shinedown's "Sound of Madness"

Comments, questions, feeling amused at your own crazy?