Friday, November 12, 2010

Happy Birthday to my Lady

*Stay tuned next week for a FABULOUS post that will be called "V for Vendetta," in honor of the man who thought it was his prerogative to critique my parenting. And my children. I think that's enough of a tease. And I'm plotting the vendetta, all Assassin style, while we wait.*

Today, my girl turns six. She's tall, slender, lovely, and pretty....hardcore. She's a junior Verbal Assassin in training. (Too early for a t-shirt?) When friends talk about "when my daughter is a teenager" or "her dad worries about boys" I sit back, smugly sure that Princess will. handle. her. shit.

She vexes me, often, with histrionics FAR above and away from the actual situation. Shoe untied? It's all "Wherever shall I go, whatever shall I do" Scarlett O'Hara up in here. She's never heard an answer she didn't want to rebut.

She has a terrific sense of humor and timing. Earlier this week I finished up a song number about our cat, complete with jazz hands, to which she replied "I don't like the big finish."

I remember holding her in the hospital, such a tiny porcelain doll of perfection. And now she's six! Showing me her kindergarten friends today with total comfort and confidence. We shared cupcakes. (Painstakingly pumpkin themed cupcakes.) We sat in a circle and showed pictures of Princess and the kids were awesome. I was so proud to see this segment of her life away from me; this first step on the road to becoming her own person.

And she's always been a step ahead with her sense of self. She's always been who she is, and damn the torpedoes.

Today, in our circle, we talked about our fat cat and how he was uniquely missing a tail.

"Did someone CUT IT OFF?!" asked one pint-sized Quentin Tarrantino.

"NO. No, no." Princess immediately replied, growing very animated.

I jumped in before she could explain exactly WHAT this little girl could do for even *suggesting* harm to our beloved house cat.

She's my own little steel magnolia; that hard center beneath the beauty and the grace. And she makes my world better, every day, just because she's in it.

Happy Birthday Princess