Wednesday, November 3, 2010

***Epic Halloween Wrap Up Post***

I'm hoping that by using a very promising title, that I'll raise your expectations, only to dash them slightly. Which then again, maybe I should just call it the "Cobbled Together and Mildly ADHD Halloween Post" or the "My Hands are Still Numb From Vacuuming My Car So This is Disjointed and Badly Typed Post" - that might be more realistic AND less depressing once you realize it's not epic, at all.

Que sera sera my friends. Which since I took French? Basically is VERY POLITE French for "tough titty said the kitty."

So we began our night thus:

The Man went as Mickey Rourke's character from Iron Man 2. Only with less freakish plastic surgery gone horribly awry, and more home-made LED whip weapons. I couldn't have lost him that night if I'd tried. It was like watching a landing strip approach when he'd walk up in the dark with those glowing things. *Your Favorite Writer* was (the highly anticipated)(mostly by me) Merry Black Widow. I carried my bouquet of fake mourning flowers and requisite Smirnoff Ice. I don't look very mourn-y do I? Hint: that's the MERRY part of my widow.

This is one taken at the party. The Man has done away with his fake gold teeth (highly accurate yet unappealing) and I was holding my, uh, mourning drink. We were both freezing to death since it's about....ohhhh....35 in Indiana on Halloween most years. Don't we look happy despite our bloody and cold bodies? Yes?

And, by popular demand, here's a special one of the kiddos:

Princess was a "sparkle devil" because, you know, you can't be the Embodiment of Evil without a little of the old bedazzlement, am I right? And Casanova, clearly, was Iron Man. (Although The Man was concerned his hand-blast was a little Hitler youth-ish.) This is the only picture I took, mainly because we had a rough bout of diarrhea making its way through the house and well, it takes TIME to get Iron Man out of his costume and onto the toilet, Friends.

And now we're all slogging through the first week of November with candy-hangovers and fond memories of trick or treating and partying. Thus begins the downhill slide into Birthday Oblivion (mine is Monday for anyone wondering)(I really *REALLY* want a steam mop)(and jewelry) and beyond. I can't even think Christmas yet. I can't. I'll hyperventilate and we can't have that. I have vacuuming to do.

So I'll leave you with a picture of some boots I just bought myself. Whee! Boots with the FUR, butofcourse.

I've wanted these boots for about three seasons now (true story) but I'm an Anxious Hoarder, so I don't shop for myself often. Unless I have birthday money. Which I did. From my mother-in-law. So BAM, boots in the mail, baby, boots in the mail.

And if you want to buy me a steam mop? Well. I'll *totally* understand. I'll even steam mop IN my boots-with-the-fur. Win. Win.

Comments, questions, what's your birthday wish?


Kirsten said...

I love the boots!! Oh, and I think the world would be a much happier place if we all had steam mops.

Sammo said...

If only I could have both. Seriously. I have been dreaming (literally) about this steam mop. (Which pretty much says a lot about me I think.) ;)