Sunday, October 10, 2010

Rom Coms and Yahoo are on Mah Poo List

Well, I've lived 30 odd years already without succumbing to the temptation to horde Kleenex boxes and chocolate ice cream and blather endlessly about my favorite "rom-com" with my biff. Mainly, because I *HATE* movies that make me sad, I look like I've suffered an allergic shellfish reaction when I cry, AND I'd rather have popcorn and watch something with snappy dialogue while people shoot at each other.

And yet...

Recently, I saw a preview for some movie about a couple who has to raise a baby together and my first thought was "eh, I wonder when The Man is going to make me see Jackass III" but my SECOND thought was "well that looks like it might be okay...." and then my *third* thought was "whoa! WHAT THE HEY-DEE HEY?!" Because if I have to knowest mineself, I know that I don't like girly movies. Apparently some hormone or other is out of whack, or my girlishness is elevated this week. Next thing you know, I'll be turning on that new Train song "Marry Me" and singing along. Or reading Twilight and enjoying it.


I have to get a handle on this before it gets out of control. I'm not sure I'll enjoy the Jackass movie as much as The Man, but I should probably go. Although I'd rather watch the movie with Helen Mirren as a trained assassin, because really, THAT is the kind of lady I am. Wear a dress, accessorize with an automatic. Done and done, sir.

And now that I've taken care of *that* little problem (totally dodged a bullet there) I have to figure out how to break up effectively with Yahoo mail. Because it sucks. (Clearly I'm not paid to talk about Yahoo mail.) It likes to lose my mail, and completely IGNORE my spam settings. Important email about a Halloween party (!!!) and yep, I'm not getting it in time, but if you want me to click on your discount Canadian pharmacy, auto warranty, or pet medication? Oh I am *totally* getting that in the inbox. AWESOME.

So I created a new gmail account and everything, even though it's not nearly as awesome as my yahoo address, but theoretically someday I'll have to interview for a JOB or something, and I should try to be professional or something. Whatever. The problem though is that I used my yahoo email to do EVERY single ever loving thing I've ever done. Bills, insurance, doctor's offices, credit cards, school, and so while I can totally email the Usual Suspects and tell them to hit me at gmail, whatever will I do Rhett Butler and all that when the rest of the WORLD thinks I'm at yahoo?!?!?!

I know. It's almost as frustrating as spontaneously wanting to watch a romantic comedy!

Oh well. It's only a matter of time before I figure it out. Because I'm *really* tired of getting ::Discount::PET::MEDS. Look. I don't GIVE my pets meds, because they don't need them, but if I *WERE* to do that sir, I wouldn't assume my yahoo mail account held the answer!

And if I wanted discount pharmaceuticals, well, I could probably figure out something closer and cheaper than Canadian emails. Like 38th street.

Comments, questions, what's new with you?