Friday, October 29, 2010

Rolling in the Rock Band Pants

Every morning, at the bright and chipper time of 8:10, I haul the Children of the Corn out to the Exploder, and drive Princess to school. I'm not anti-bus, her school just doesn't have a bus. It has really REALLY committed parents who drive through monsoons, tornadoes, blizzards and get stuck at *both* sets of train tracks to take our kids to the Special Wonderful School.

And every morning, I face this dilemma: Should I put my pants on? I mean, I have pant- PAJAMAS. They're not immodest or anything, they are, usually, fleece-y and may or may not have things like "Rock Band" or "Colts" on the legs.

Today, I looked at my Rock Band fuzzy purple PJ pants, and my pink furry memory-foam slippers and thought, what, am I going to go ahead and just stay in the slippers too? It's a slippery slope my friends. Next thing, I'm wearing my glasses and cuddling in my throw blanket.

No thank you.

Because I believe in the Worst Case Preparation style of living. And worst case? The Exploder blows something (expensive)(important) and I'm walking with two kids to a gas station while I wait for AAA to come save me. And I am NOT doing *that* in my pink memory foam slippers and Rock Band pants.

I have SOME dignity, friends.

And to spare my child undue shame? I'm always Mommy-with-her-make-up on FANCY style when I pick her up. Because in the bright light of AM pick up, they can all see me.

Comments, questions, do you drive in your jammies?


Michael said...

I am ashamed to say yes.

I always used to be from the Seinfeld set-sweatpants in public means you're giving up.

But now? Driving the kid to school means sweatpants, whatever shirt I wore to bed and baseball cap. I look homeless, but it saves a ton of effort.