Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Karma Police, Arrest This Woman

Well I certainly hope you people appreciate this, because even the mere act of typing these words is causing Your Favorite Writer to almost pass out with fatigue and exhaustion and sleep-loss and redundancy.

I was minding my own beeswax at 3 or 4 in the am when I heard what was either A. an intruder with sinus problems or B. a child crying and running and dry heaving. Sadly for me, it was the sick kid, because I could have totally just shot the intruder, dragged the body to the basement and gone back to sleep. The sick kid, however, I had to take care of and be on Vigilant Vomit Alert, along with our rusty trusty barf bucket. Sigh.

And my dog? Is *totally* going to be duct taped so he can't move because honestly, if I have to get up ONE MORE TIME to wake HIM up, so he stops shaking my bed like the devil in The Exorcist, I will totally go insane and you might as well just bring a Jesuit then because I probably WILL spin my head around.

So that's my day, Friends. And whatever I did to Karma, I'm really, really sorry and I'll promptly run out and rescue a cat in a tree, or knit a coffee cozy for an oldster or something.

And since it's ever-popular Grocery Day, I'm off to clip coupons while I wait for Sassy to show up so I can leave Princess and her Sickness here.

(Editor's Note: Once again, I'd *happily* get Down with the Sickness if it were of the musical Favorite-ist Band variety, but alas, Disturbed totally canceled the show that I was going to win tickets and back stage passes to, so once again, I am SORRY KARMA! I mean, technically it could be *their* karma, but really, it's all about me here.)