Monday, October 18, 2010

Contest Winner 2010!

So normally my conversations with The Man about my blog (aka Brilliant Word Art) go something like this:

"Today, I wrote about -"

"Do we have any sour cream?"

"Yeah, genius, move the olives out of the way. Anyway, so I wrote about-"

"Who moved my phone holder? Sorry."

"ARGH! It's RIGHT THERE. Do your eyeballs work? 20/20? Are they sure?"

And then I get distracted by breathing, and wander off in search of my Coke Zero, hoping against hope that Casanova didn't run off to drink it all behind the couch. Again. Because that never goes well.

Imagine my surprise when The Man sent me an email about an Indiana blogger contest! He'd nominated me, and I just had to earn enough votes to win *spectacular* fame and prizes. Or the contest and a little more blog traffic. Either way, it's a win.

I was all happy and thinking HOW THOUGHTFUL and that maybe I'd refrain from calling him an idiot for the ENTIRE day (which really, MAGNANIMOUS of me) and then I checked online and my blog wasn't listed on the contest page.

I told The Man and he spent entire minutes going back through his emails and saying "But see? Right HERE? It's my log on! WHATEVER!" And I was all "it's okay, really" and then he was "But I NOMINATED YOU!" and I'm all, "seriously, it's okay. Don't get all Deniro on a homie." And then he shook his fist at the sky or something and we went down to make dinner.

And while I don't blog ABOUT Indiana, because really, um, what could I say - hi, we have corn, racing and people who like Cracker Barrel in an unhealthy way (Cracker Barrel - where our motto is "all our food is brown".) my blog is still pretty awesome in the STATE of Indiana. I'm not sure what this says about me.

So let's all just pretend I was nominated, that the site didn't fail, and pretend vote in our heads. Because The Man worked very hard to nominate my sad little blog (Brilliant Word Art!) that he almost never reads, unless he's stuck at the doctor's office. And for that, I commend him.

Imaginary Contest Winner of 2010: Me!

Comments, questions, who would you vote for? (Answer: me)


Mandy said...

Sometimes our men have their moments. Mine went out and bought me some expensive Urban Decay make up that I had been lusting over. Sadly while he listened to me dream, he did not listen to the reality - which is that I talked myself out of spending that kind of crazy money about 5 minutes after I saw it. I took it back about 2 weeks later when I had finally smoothed over that it WAS thoughtful it just was not practical.

Sammo said...

That's nice! I love make up. And perfume. And jewelry. I hope he's reading because ::someone's birthday is coming::.... Jazz hands! What makeup did you want?