Saturday, September 11, 2010

Two Roads Diverged....

Or more like three roads, and frankly, no matter HOW many roads diverged, I'm REALLY not a Bob Frost fan.

(And I say this with the highly self-righteous tone of one who spent a lot of money learning what poetry I liked. And by "spent money" I mean took out loans that I'm not repaying because I'm not actually earning any money with this spiffy edu-ma-cation.)

Here, I will include a very helpful visual aide for what my life's path (sort of) looks like:

(It's actually really hard to believe that my life path didn't include one for being an arTEEST because, well, yeah.)

So my initial plan, hence the VERY MEANINGFUL ankle tattoo, was to be an actor. Stage, movies, whatever; give me a script and I'd do it. But see, I was a practical girl too, so if the whole stunningly talented theatre (because I LIKE the British spelling, that's why) thing didn't pan out, I wanted options. Hence = college. (Where a tenured professor would have beaten me with a copy of War and Peace if I'd used any sort of sentence like that.)

So. Yes. College. Also known as the place that cost me more than a Nissan Altima, that I haven't paid on yet. Whoopee!

Once there, I did what I do, which is read a lot, write a lot and since sugar free Rockstar hadn't been invented yet, I subsisted on Lipton Lemon ice tea and Diet Mt. Dew. Oh. And flavored long islands.

I vacillated between wanting to get my master's in fine arts and teach at the collegiate level; oh I could wallow around in literature and pontificate ALL day friends. Or, I'd head off to law school and lose my soul in child advocacy law. Choices.

As it turned out, I got so burned out in group projects and analytical term papers that I would have probably taken hostages before I could have taken the LSAT or the GRE. In time, I'd go back... or I'd go to New York and try to get into acting.

For a brief moment in time I started saving money, and talking about moving to the Big Apple with my GBFF. Then, I kept working, and met The Man. My GBFF left for the west coast instead, and I ended up married, with kids.

THAT, monkeys, THAT would be the "rest stop" part of my life's highway there. I'm not exactly resting, but I'm not really on the road either. I'm taking care of a family, which hi, yes, rather important and all, but I am NOT setting the world on fire with my literary brilliance, my thespian skills, nor my passion for fighting on the side of the righteous.

That pithy saying, "man plans, God laughs"? Well yes, for me, it's been all about detours. I didn't end up where I thought I would, but then again, it's not over yet. And I don't really know anyone who DID end up where we thought we would.

It's either about to get a whole lot of early-mid-life crisis-y up in here, or we're all going to avoid the road cones on the way out of the detoured area and get back on the road.

Less traveled, more traveled, hell take the car pool lane for all I care. But this isn't all I am, or all I will be.

Comments, questions, what's your path?