Monday, September 13, 2010

Sammo Stops Battling Destiny

**Note** I really did want to get my Disney post up, but that would require messing around with pictures that are stored on my desktop and I'm on my laptop and I'd have to WALK UP STAIRS and that might as well be in Tibet, and I'm without a Sherpa currently, so there you go. It'll happen, I promise!**

So for YEARS I've been banking on being hit by creative lighting and writing the Next Big Oprah Club book. If that guy with that H O R R I B L E alleged true story/ actual fiction "Million Tiny Pieces (of Crap)" could make it, how hard could it be? Turns out, hard. Although a creative-soul (I picture my soul a shimmery bedazzled purple if it helps) I don't really do awesome plot ideas. I know, it's shocking.

I HAVE a lot of amusing stories, but unless we're spraying whipped cream into a daiquiri and listening to some Lady Gaga, you're not really going to get the full effect, and frankly, it does not a book make.

What I was good at in school was poetry. I wrote scads of it, a lot mediocre to *achingly* bad, but some of it surprisingly good. I always joked that I wasn't tortured ENOUGH to be a brilliant poet or writer.

But after years of kicking plot ideas and characters around, mainly while I listened to Lady Gaga and vacuumed, I decided that why was I fighting?

I might have to resign myself to being the world's last less-than totally tortured poet.

I'm even thinking of opening up a second blog but that's a little scary for me - mainly because if I write poetry, I'm really going to work towards a collection or publication, and as much as I LOVE the internet with fluffy cupid hearts and all, I don't exactly trust the internet.

Or, as I'm about to add to THIS blog: If you attempt to steal any of my material, werewolves will eat your entrails. True story.

Not that I think anyone is going to rush out and rip off my dazzling poetic stuff, but I've seen some seriously sketchy blog-theivery lately, and no one wants something that they worked on to end up re-posted by some ingrown 17 year old who's typing out of his mom's basement.

So. We'll see what the future holds, but my guess right now? Autumnal, with a chance of free verse.

Comments, questions, what are you fighting?


ThePeachy1 said...

yeah.. there are wolves in bloggers clothing out there. but if you own your own domain then the servers will have records of original content and that's kind of the only proof type thing you would have, it's touchy, hang in there and just do what feels right. Also screw Oprah and her stupid book club, and her flying everyone to Australia she has never given me a dang thing.

Sammo said...

Thanks for the support! :) I plan on investigating having my own site vs something hosted elsewhere. And is that what Oprah gave everyone? I saw the preview of her yelling "and YOU get..." whatever. All she's given me is mild annoyance. I'd rather be on Ellen!