Friday, September 24, 2010

My First Joke

**Follow up from yesterday's Evil Thursday: I *totally* had to pee all the way home, and took a different route, following The Man on The Bike. He sped off and I couldn't figure out where I was - getting lost = FUN, but then he pulled over and I was able to find my way home. Yay! I also burned myself on the crock pot and had a reaction to some stupid medication I had to take. Just because it said "don't drink alcohol" I totally didn't think it really meant it, but turns out, yeah it did. I had to pour out my Mike's Light Hard Cranberry Lemonade. And all because I started to hallucinate and feel confused - I mean, a lot more than NORMAL.**

And because I'm so far in "the window" of my PMS that I'm actually sitting on the sill and waving at passersby, I'll regale you with an anecdote that amuses me, even 25 years later. (It's that or listen to me whine about my medical imposed 'no daiquiri weekend'. BOO to that.)

My grandparents had gotten a crazy whim during a visit from DC one year, and decided that I needed hermit crabs. I was 5 or 6, so....naturally. Crabs. My parents were thrilled, and by thrilled I mean confused and resigned. My biff K.Jo came over to play and was intrigued by my hermit crabs. (My mom claims she began to dislike them once she found out that they often pulled each other out of their shells, ate the other one, and stole the shell. That's a hardcore pet.)

As we sat outback on my mom's porch, I asked K. Jo if she knew where hermit crabs came from? No.... See these trees? CRAB-apples. Why do you think they call them that?

And so, I "helped" look for miniature hermit crabs as K.Jo dug through all the fallen crab apples... Then, when I felt guilty for playing a joke, because I was a righteous Catholic in a former life, I confessed and she got mad.

But since we were only 5 or 6, we went and had some of her mom's sweet tea, and all was forgiven. I think.

And now, I'm off to find some Buspar coffee.

Comments, questions, what was your first joke?


Ruby said...

I think a cool blog topic would be imaginary childhood friends. Did all kids have imaginary friends? Or just the freaky loner kids like me?