Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Making Friends at the BMV

Since I drive right by the BFE BMV on the way to take Princess to school, I thought it would be a great time to renew my plates and drop almost $300. And by great time, I mean that they expire, apparently TODAY.

The only reason that I even noticed was someone else mentioned THEIR plates and I was all 'Oh, I haven't gotten anything in the mail' and this person was all 'sometimes they don't send you stuff' and I think THAT is highly passive-aggressive BMV, and possibly a bit Conspiracy-ish because if they "forget" to mail you a statement form, then you drive around all-expired and get tickets and who do cops AND the BMV work for? HA! THE STATE! I knew it. Well you didn't get me THIS year, Indiana. Better luck next time.

So I ignored the BMV the first time I drove past, you know, when there was only one car in the lot because I had to work out and shower and Jillian Michaels does NOT accept excuses and since Biggest Loser starts tonight? Well. I for one am not going to show up on my couch dirty and out of shape.

It did cause the line to be about 500 people deeper though when I hit the BFE BMV after picking Princess up. And then I had *both* kids with me. Not exactly win/win for me OR the BMV.

The kids, luckily, made friends with a little boy and his Skittles packet, and I determined his mom looked nice and sane and probably didn't poison Skittles packets and Casanova is the one with the cold ANYway, so Skittle it up kids, we have awhile.

Then, because I'm bored awesome, I started chatting with the lady across from me. Turns out she's a cop in our area. SWEET! I did actually restrain myself from asking her murder case protocol, or if she's shot anyone (lately) or if it's fun to use a taser. (This took a LOT of restraint.)(I have lots of questions.) I DID tell her about the bike cop and she knew who I was talking about and I told her it was my idea. She didn't ticket me or yell at me about inciting crime, so I figure I'm golden. Then again, she might have thought I was medicated or something (who's to say I'm not) and felt sorry for me. I hear that cops deal with unbalanced people a lot.

She said she'd tried to buy a house in my subdivision, and I restrained myself (again)(it's like a world record) from telling her how I'd like to face-punch half my neighborhood. Then we agreed that the subdivision two streets down is where the criminals seem to go; she would know these things. She really likes the area though, and this makes me feel better - especially since I'm always mentally practicing Home Invasion Drills. (You have to practice if you want to be prepared.)(Just saying.)

When my number was called, I was almost sad. It's hard to make friends when you're a shut in! I mean, maybe I should have Facebooked her. You can always use more friends, *especially* when they're cops who seem like fun. I didn't even suggest she commit any felonies. This time.

And the BMV worker was so taken with Casanova, mainly because he announced that she looked very pretty, that I thought I might get a break on my tags. No such luck. But I think she might babysit him if I ask nicely...

Comments, questions, have any fun at a state agency lately?