Wednesday, September 15, 2010

It's Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas...

...and by Christmas, I actually mean Halloween. Mainly because Halloween provides me a lot of cockle-warming goodness for the low-low price of NOT CHRISTMAS prices! And candy. Lest we forget the candy.

This year, The Man told me that were weren't spending money on costumes and probably wouldn't end up going anywhere. After I detached my fingernails from his corneas, I patiently explained that we ALWAYS dress up, and we ALWAYS go somewhere and this is TRADITION INVIOLATE. I'm not sure he could hear me over the sound of his concussion, but I'm pretty sure he started picking his costume out the next day. Yes. This is how we solve important issues at the hacienda.

Like Halloween.

Then, I was on the phone with K.Jo, when she began to hyperventilate something that sounded a lot like "OHMYGODLADYGAGAAAAAA!" And that was when I knew that this year we'd have to amp it up. It's going to be, well, EPIC. I'm thinking, and this is an awesome stretch - Amy Winehouse. I KNOW! Brilliant. And cheap! Win/win. Seriously, I spray my hair into some sort of hand-eating hair monster, throw on a wife-beater, some old skinny jeans, draw some Sharpie-arm tats and voila! PURE BRILLIANCE.

I'm practicing singing "rehab" if anyone's interested.

Then again, we still have time, and I'm not used to costumes that don't involve prancing around in fishnets. I mean, is it even legal? And frankly, Gaga is WAY more fun than Winehouse, although at least I can (finally) make use of my wicked eyeliner skillZZZZ.

Comments, questions, what are you going to be?


Ruby said...

Amy Winehouse! Brilliant!

Sammo said...

Well, it's no Living Dead Girl, but we do what we can to keep Halloween crackin'! ;)