Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Cheese the Mouse

So, I'm back. After a whirlwind Disney adventure, a trip to a beach being sucked away by hurricane-induced rip currents, AND a 16+ hour car ride, Your Favorite Writer is merrily clicking away on my dinosaur of a laptop whilst waiting for my insurance customer service office to open.

(While we were away, we got a letter explaining (and by explaining I mean listing meaningless numerical codes) that we owed FOUR THOUSAND DOLLARS for The Man's recent surgery. We don't, of course, and I will have to spend hours of my life proving it, but we're life lottery winners here.)

The trip itself was (mostly) awesome, and I'm going to get a leeeeetle cheesy here, but take your kids. Take them if you can, if you can save or swing it, because having my kids beaming in front of Cinderella's castle, and my daughter looking in the windows for a glimpse of the princess herself, well as they say, PRICELESS. Listening to them gasp in amazement when they saw something totally unexpected, or smile shyly at the (hundreds) of characters we met.... It was all just the best.

We did four parks in 3.5 days.

This is just a brief overview, mainly because Princess has her first day ever in the history of her world school tomorrow (!!!!) and I have to find some xanax get about 3892 things done.

Stay tuned though, because the trip was pretty full of Joy and Humor and Insanity, because we were, after all, traveling with two small kids. And my period. And satellite radio. What could possibly go wrong?

Seriously, Me + Cramps = Seeing Disney's Animal Kingdom through a codeine haze.

And I'd also like to add, that if I NEVER hear The Cure again, or that song "Hush Hush" I will live happily. I will now have to purchase the new Disturbed cd to soothe my frazzled nerves.

Tomorrow, my Monkeys, stay tuned. Although honestly, it might be Thursday until you get a real post about Mah Vacahshun. Did I mention school starts tomorrow? I'm sorry, the panic attack just subsided, where was I....

Comments, questions, how are YOU?