Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Whatever You're Looking For, it's Under the Bed

Last night, The Man was looking for some sort of medical torture device contraption used to stretch his arm, and I'm telling you, it's hard to believe we moved into this house almost two full years ago. We still have THAT much stuff to organize or find or put somewhere. (Which is why we couldn't find The Man's arm-stretch thingy.)

I was blissfully unaware of how the search was going, until I walked into my room and found The Man wearing a jaunty English beret, holding a cap gun in one hand and a golf ball in the other.

Is there some weird performance art going on here?

Turns out it was just stuff he'd found under the bed. That didn't stop me from asking him to speak in an accent and dance around, but as usual = DENIED.

The best part though? He found my *AWESOME* personalized license plate from 2004! I know!

Shockingly, it says "Sammo" - and come the day that I get to zip around in my sunset orange custom Nissan 350 Z (like so):

it will say so AGAIN, Flying Monkeys.

(Of course if that day doesn't come until I'm a super oldster, it'll be less cool.)(But I'm totally prepared for that outcome.)

Anyway, in the interest of suspense (plus it's Work Out Day and I'm laaaate) I will make this FABULOUS post a two-parter and show you my sweet, sweet license plate tomorrow along with the pictures of what happens when you rear-end a dead-stopped Nissan Maxima going about 45 mph. Hint: nothing good.

Stay tuned!

Comments, questions, what would your personalized plate say?