Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Smack Song Collage


Okay, so one of my (many) partners in crime, and probably, were I a Mafia Don, the one who would *inevitably* end up my consigliari (GEE, imagine that, spell check doesn't recognize consigliari - I would whack spell check RIGHT NOW if only) and I had the BEST IDEA ALL WEEK:

A brilliant song collage that takes all songs about heroin, and turns it into a song of it's own. I know, bask in the shared glory of it. BASK!

Sample verse uno:

"When you live in a hallway with no doors and no rooms, you rake my mind and smell the poppies, then you go under the bridge downtown, it's where I drew some blood, but since life is beautiful, I want you to promise you won't cry at my funeral, unless I'm down there at the pawn shop..."

And of course we'd have a SWEET montage for the video - including random bits of the Interstate Love Song dance (which I occasionally do in my kitchen) AND the infamous Axl Rose 'Welcome to the Jungle' groove, because, CLEARLY. And you can absolutely assume that I do *that* dance in my kitchen too. Daily. Try it sometime!

If planning random fake songs, fake bands and fake videos is wrong, well who wants to be right? NOT me, Monkeys, not me.

Comments, questions, Smack Song additions?