Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Is Pandora Drunk (again)?

So the magic of Pandora never fails to entertain/amuse/confuse me. If you're not familiar I will revoke your computer card Pandora is Internet Radio, and you enter a band you like, and then Pandora cheerfully plays music that it *thinks* you will like. For each song that plays, you get to give it a thumbs up, or a thumbs down.

If you give a song the negativ-o, Pandora is all "Oh I'm so sorry, I will NEVER play that again, please forgive me, and here's some Phil Collins to make up for it." Pandora is sort of like a really grovell-y desperate boyfriend. Which makes me laugh.

Sometimes though, I'm pretty sure Pandora falls off the wagon, throws back a few shots of Cabo Wabo and plays songs just to mess with me. Again, like a jilted desperate internet boyfriend who gets all passive-aggressive and makes a stand by playing some Pearl Jam because it knows I HATE Eddy Veddar with a somewhat unhealthy passion.

My BiffIC (Biff-in-California) sent me a text page the other night that read:

"Pandora is playing Avril Lavigne. Have no idea why it thinks this is acceptable."

Clearly, Pandora ignored the fact that my BiffIC had specified songs from bands the likes of Three Days Grace or Shinedown, and hit the sauce (again) and then snickered drunkenly until my friend realized she was doing word puzzles (shut up she's a genius and does that for FUN) while listening to Sk8erBoi. Pandora can be really cruel.

Like just now? I had totally thumbs-downed some Godsmack the other day and told Pandora to STOP thinking that I liked them, and it just put some horrible new Godsmack on (again) and was all "who me? Oh I thought you LIKED them!" and I had to thumbs-down it AGAIN until they put on some respectable Metallica.

I swear Pandora, if you don't start listening, you can totally come and get your toothbrush out of my bathroom. I'll break up with you. I have a cd-drive, you know. I don't need you. Oh stop crying. You're still playing Metallica. I guess we can work it out.

Comments, questions, who's your internet-boyfriend-radio?