Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I'm Tired, so the Usual Brilliance is on Hold

Since I woke up about 43 times last night, for no apparent reason, other than the usual (the dog wandering around my room because he has cataracts AND arthritis and can't get comfortable)(the neighbors with their usual shenanigans) and I'm not exactly as *pert* and effective as usual, I decided to make a list of fun facts. So. Here you go:

* I have glasses but unless my eyes are weeping with infection, I refuse to wear them. Mainly because they weigh about 30 pounds, even with the "feather weight" lenses. No thanks.

* I'm getting a full "pulmonary work up" soon and plan on bitch-slapping my ASSma into oblivion.

* I eat shredded mini-wheats for breakfast every single day, unless it's the weekend and The Man is cooking bacon. Will break for bacon.

* I talk to myself out loud on a daily basis and get annoyed when someone thinks I'm actually talking to him/her. It really breaks the flow of conversation.

* I totally forgot how much I like the song Breakdown by Seether. Thanks Pandora, this time.

* I will gladly do 109 loads of laundry, but I hate putting it away. Especially the kids, because they have a billion tiny shirts and pants and they don't fold right and stick out of the drawers and then the kids try to help.... It's very stressful.

* If I didn't drink coffee, tea and Coke Zero, I would die of dehydration.

* I feel smug when I mute Pandora's mandatory commercials. Ha! Take that, Pandora.

* I think that "song editor" should be a real job. I can't deal with inappropriate word choice or trying to "rhyme" a word with....the same word. This will probably be a full on blog later.

* I love when my kids sit next to me and we're all doing "our work" - I'm writing, Princess is reading or drawing and Casanova is building a block tower or making a line of 500 matchbox cars.

* I had a brilliant idea for Princess to be Lady Gaga for Halloween. Pretty sure that idea will be shot down, but it'd be AWESOME.

* I love shopping at Goodwill - it fulfills my hunter/gatherer needs.

* I love fall so much that if there were some state where fall lasted all year, I would move there, today.

* I am awesome on the dance floor. And by awesome, I pretty much mean that it's fun or funny for all involved.

* I am out of facts. As the French say, Fin

So, Flying Monkeys, stay tuned. I'm thinking of revamping the ol' blog, I know I know, yet AGAIN. It really sucks that I don't have mad code skills because last time, it took all my trickery just to retain my widgets! I labored like a galley slave (without the sweating)(or beating)(or chaining) just to produce the *vision* that you Monkeys get to see. Coming soon, possible construction...

Comments, questions, what's new?