Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I am an Instigator

Back Story: About four months ago, my neighbor's car was vandalized, and we stood outside together waiting for the police to come and take the report. The cop who arrived was a very helpful guy on a huge cop bike.

After he filled out all the paperwork, we chatted with him about bikes, as bike people do, and I asked if he could do the tricks that the Indy cops are famous for.... He could! I told him that he should *TOTALLY* do it in traffic, because I would feel a whole lot better getting a ticket if the bike cop were standing up and motioning me over. He told me he'd get in trouble for it, but laughed.

Cut to last night:
The Man tells me I have to see some news story - whatever - I hate the news. I mean, they show the weather every five seconds and then get all dramatical-like and talk about depressing crap the rest of the time, right? Well, apparently, one of Indy's finest had made the national news....

Wait for it...

For being caught doing a bike stunt in traffic!!!

And was it the VERY SAME COP? Yes, yes, it was!

"Remember that?! That was MY idea! I totally told him he should DO THAT!!!!" I exclaimed, doing some living room fist pumping.

The Man was all, "Yeah, I remember." (And I'm sure trying to figure out what exactly it is that's wrong with me.) (Answer: probably things with fancy Latin terms.)

So this morning I called my mom and she's seen the news so I told her that I'd met him a few months ago and he was really nice and, by the way, that was ALL my idea.


"I always told you that you're an instigator."

Turns out, as usual, my mom might be right.

(And honestly, in defense of the police officer: He was a really nice, professional guy. He was standing on his pegs, not the tank, he knows what he's doing, and frankly, being possibly shot as part of your job description entitles you to at least one bike trick.)

I blame myself.

Comments, questions, have you started any police action lately?


Mandy said...

LOL, had I been drinking my slimfast at the moment I watched that, I would have snorted it through my nose. I don't remember you being an instigator, but then I was never one to need much extra prodding to try the outrageous. You know I flipped a motorcycle right before I was 17 yeah? (rest assured you had no part in it.)Be paying for that the rest of my life. I still love a nice bike.