Thursday, July 29, 2010

Writing from My Deck

Oh Flying Monkeys (remember, we've upgraded your affectionate nickname?), I'm so happy today! I got my awesome new/used hot pink laptop covered in butterflies yesterday and it works and I got online and EVERYTHING!

The next step, obviously, is writing what I like to call The Tome That Will Take Me Away From All This (why tome? Why NOT!) but first, oh first, I'm having way too much fun checking email from my deck. I'm outside, Monkeys, on my deck furniture! Under my awesome sun umbrella - feeling HIGHLY writer-ish!

A real butterfly just flew past me, and as we speak Princess is gathering wildflowers. Plus, it's actually NOT hotter than the surface of the sun today, and the humidity isn't making me woozy!

What could be better than writing my Word Art on my deck overlooking my scenic pond while Princess gathers wildflowers, you ask? Well, clearly, if someone would trot out a frozen daiquiri with extra whipped cream. And not that LIGHT crap, either. THAT, Monkeys, would be bliss.

Comments, questions, are you mobile?