Friday, July 30, 2010

Losing my Superpower

One of my superpowers used to be falling asleep whenever, however. If I were tired? Well, I could sleep in a hair shirt, lying on a rock, with a band playing Stairway five feet from my head.

Now? Notsomuch.

I can't really pinpoint when my superpower became vulnerable; although I do know that kids act like kryptonite to pretty much ANY superpower - especially sleep.

Last night The Man had to get up at some ungodly hour and catch a plane. So. I lay there and tried to sleep. And rolled around. And wrote blog posts in my head. And got up about 400 times to move the dog; when he dreams, all 200 lbs of him thrashes around and shakes my bed.

I was up for two hours! I was angry, hungry, and tired - but not sleeping. Then I started to doze and The Man texted my phone, which vibrated, which caused me to threaten painful homicide.

(And now, Monkeys, NOW I'M TIRED. Predictably. I'm slurping flavored coffee like it holds eternal youth and (probably) skipping my work out. I could, theoretically, also be hallucinating, unless there really IS a very annoying bug flying in front of my computer screen. Or maybe I'm dreaming, while awake.)

When sleep finally came around 5 am? I was in the middle of Goodfellas - you know, when Henry and his girlfriend are packing up the coke (NOT Zero) and the helicopter is circling? Luckily I was just watching it, and not really involved, because I don't want to visit prison - even in my dreams.

I guess I'll just have to fall back on my OTHER superpowers: killing electronics, and well, if I told you my other special skills, you'd realize I'm sort of JUST LIKE a real X-man and I'd have to kill you - or just wait for Captain Piccard to come and help me harness my skills.

I'm hallucinating again, aren't I?

Comments, questions, zzzzzzz......