Monday, July 26, 2010

The Excitement is Killing Me!

I'm working on a post all about The Man's post-surgery pain meds and wacky antics, but I had to take a sidenote to tell you that Phase I (of the approximate 700 phase plan) of Making Sammo's Life Suck Less (Again) HAS BEEN INITIATED. Not initiated, as in hazed or something in some sort of weird middle-age frat party, but started. You get it.

Basically, a little something like this: I bought a laptop! Remember how I told you that I was doing that so I could work more on my creative writing? You don't? Well then you definitely didn't remember I like mild salsa and Dove chocolate. I'm sure my care package you sent will suck.

Anyway, I bought it used (because I'm broke AND cheap) and I got to pick the cover. Wait for it....


If *that* doesn't scream "Creative Mind at Work, Stay Back 10 Feet" well sir, I don't know what does.

Unless I break out my glue gun and rainbow rhinestones.

You will receive a picture, as well as the Harrowing Tales of The Man on Vicodin.

Comments, questions, aren't you ecstatic?